Marriage in mind for wedding singer Robbie

The Wedding Singer - Hx Lt Opera Jnrs
The Wedding Singer - Hx Lt Opera Jnrs

Halifax Light Opera Juniors have got marriage in mind with their latest production, the musical ‘The Wedding Singer’.
A bright, colourful show with many catchy tunes, ‘The Wedding Singer’ is at Halifax Playhouse from Tuesday, February 25, to Saturday, March 1, at 7.15pm.
 The show is based on the story of wedding singer Robbie (Ethan Marescaux) who lives with his grandma, played by Nancy Carter, and members of his band, Sammy and George (Liam Grant and Ben Jackson) Jilted by his girlfriend (Catherine Otyehel), he then falls in love with Julia (Kate Machon) who is already engaged to a wealthy Wall Street broker, played by Isaac Marescaux. 
 The musical version of ‘The Wedding Singer’ was adapted from the 1998 film version which starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore though some elements of the plot have been altered. The stage show opened on Broadway in 2006.

Many members of Halifax Light Opera Juniors are making their stage debut in the show. Most of the cast of young singers and actors are under the age of 18 with many only 10 and 11 years old. For tickets contact 01422 365998.