Mayor furious over Rose Street plans

The Mayor of Todmorden has accused Calderdale Council of acting in “an underhand way” over the sale of the former health centre site at Rose Street, Todmorden.

The site was put forward by Yorkshire Forward to develop for the economic benefit of Todmorden.

The council has accepted an offer to develop the site from McCarthy & Stone to build a gated retirement community.

Mayor Steph Booth said she is angry that there has been no public consultation.

She said: “What has caused the greatest distress is the fact that due process hasn’t been followed - it’s all been done in an underhand, secretive manner.

“They will have to explain why they have decided to throw the development plan out of the window; why they haven’t called in more tenders; and why it’s going to be sold for significantly less than its market value,” she said.

A spokesperson from Calderdale Council said: “Todmorden Town Council has no power to stop the plans, but we will of course consider any representation it makes.

“There remains an offer from McCarthy and Stone for the development of the site which has been accepted.”