Mayor’s plea: Help us to nail the fly-tippers

Blot on the landscape: Coun Scott Trickett on the moors with discarded tyres
Blot on the landscape: Coun Scott Trickett on the moors with discarded tyres

A TOWN mayor is asking for public help to stop fly-tippers.

Coun Scott Trickett, Mayor of Hebden Royd, said moorland above Cragg Vale, near Blackstone Edge reservoir, was being used as a dumping ground.

He said: “We’re so fortunate up here to have great views across the moors.

“But when they are interrupted by a pile of 50 or 60 tyres that have appeared overnight, it really is upsetting.”

In May 2009 residents banded together to clean up the old tyres, which are subject to a disposal fee.

The action deterred tippers but it now seems they have returned.

Coun Trickett said: “As quickly as they are removed another pile appears. The hard work of the environmental health department is often wasted.

“We are convinced they fly tippers travel over from the Rochdale/Littleborough area and leave their waste on our doorstep.

“It may just be one unscrupulous operator, probably a tyre fitter or even a garage, but we need help to catch them and then stop them.”

Cragg Vale Residents Association has been monitoring the moors and reporting cases of tipping to Calderdale Council’s environmental health department.

Now Hebden Royd Town Council is asking for anyone travelling along Blackstone Edge Road, the B6138, from Blackstone Edge Reservoir down into Cragg Vale to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles.

They are particularly focused on any small commercial vehicles driving slowly along the road.

People should note the registration and let Emma Housman, Hebden Royd Town Council Neighbourhood Manager, or Calderdale environmental health know the details.

Mrs Housman said: “It’s likely they are looking for a place to stop and leave their load and is most likely to be late at night or in the early morning.

“Prosecutions of fly tippers could result in heavy penalties for the offenders.

“Fly-tipping fines are up to £20,000 and/or six months’ imprisonment.

“Where fly-tipping involves the use of a vehicle, the driver can be prosecuted, as can the owner of the vehicle.”

Anyone with information should call 01422 842181.

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