Mercy run leads to a drive ban

A MOTORIST has been banned from the road after being caught behind the wheel while twice over the legal limit.

Ryan Greenwood, 24, of Lee Mount Road, Halifax, was stopped by police at 9.10pm on March 28 in Wheatley Road, Halifax.

Greenwood had just returned from two weeks in London where he had been working as a carpenter.

Rachel Mounsey, representing Greenwood at Calderdale Magistrates’ Court, said: “He was in the pub drinking with his colleagues when he received a phone call from his partner of seven years.

“She was very upset and distressed because her family, who live in Blackpool, had called to say her father had had a stroke.”

Greenwood, who had drunk three pints of beer, got into his car to return home.

“He doesn’t mean to make an excuse,” she added.

She told the court he would be likely to lose his job if he was disqualified.

Greenwood also works with his sister at her business, Bell Hall Garage, Bell Hall.

“It appears to have been more shocking to everybody. given his enjoyment and love for vehicles and the time he has spent on his car and working for his sister,” said Miss Mounsey.

“It has been shameful for him to attend court,” she aded.

Chairwoman Annabelle Davis said: “I think the punishment for you is the remorse and the disgrace you feel, and your family feel.

“An accident could have happened,” she said.

He was fined £320, told to pay £85 costs and £15 victim surcharge.

Greenwood was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.