Mercy trip to Africa

A GROUP of Halifax Rotarians recently returned from a life-saving mission in Africa.

George Watson, Barry Doyle and John and Anne Seager, of the Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs of Halifax, travelled with 21 other Rotary volunteers to Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria.

They worked with 30 prisoners and 200 school children to dig a two-kilometre trench to supply water to schools and built a shelter for pregnant women.

The team also donated tools and sewing machines to the schools and a new programme has been launched to empower women.

John Seager said: “We were overwhelmed by the support we had from community leaders, teachers and other professionals.

“We tried to demonstrate that their destiny was in their own hands and by working together they can emerge from their marginalised life.

“Our hope is that we may have changed a few lives by our example. Those few lives may change other lives.”

He added: “We thank the local people in Calderdale and Yorkshire who helped us by donating money and tools.” For more information, visit