Met Office: warning of ice tomorrow

The snow in Queensbury tweeted by Liam Calland
The snow in Queensbury tweeted by Liam Calland

A warning for ice has been issued from the Met Office for tomorrow morning.

Snow has been falling on some of the highest points of Calderdale such as Illingworth, Shelf and Queensbury for most of the day.

Reader Liam Calland has kindly sent in this photo of the view in Queensbury.

Heavy snow is being predicted in the area until around 3pm when it will start to die out until the early hours when more is forecast.

Temperatures will drop to as low as zero degrees celsius but with strong winds it is likely to feel colder.

But not all areas of Calderdale have been affected by the snow. Neil Martyn Pidgeon is reporting mainly light rain in the Brighouse area.

No disruptions have been reported to trains or buses in Calderdale.

Let us know what the weather is like where you are?