Mill residents fobbed-off after being locked out

Royd Mills, Brighouse
Royd Mills, Brighouse

Some residents at Mill Royd Mill have said they have been locked out of their own homes following changes to the building’s security system.

Watson Property Management changed the apartment block’s electronic locks and issued owners with key fobs.

Some of the flats are owned by landlords who rent the property out through letting agents, meaning that some residents haven’t received replacement fobs.

One resident, Glen Walmsley, who has lived at Mill Royd Mill for over four years, said: “I can’t get through the main pedestrian gate into the compound and I can’t get access to the building.

“Watson has said they will only issue fobs directly to the landlord who is absent.

“The residents have just been fobbed-off - no one from Watson has actively made sure that residents can access their own homes.”

Ian Omant, senior surveyor at Watson Property Management, said: “I can’t comment on individual cases, but the security system is still working as it was at that site.

“Some people have highlighted that they haven’t received fobs, and we are currently dealing with the issue of people who feel they may be left out of the building.”

Mr Walmsley had also purchased extra fobs for members of his family at the cost of £80 each, and has had no reassurances from Watson Property Management that they will replace the addition fobs.

Mr Walmsley said: “I want them to make sure that they provide residents with the appropriate amount of fobs before the changeover.

“It’s double standards, because I’ve actually bought fobs directly from Watson before.”

Mr Omant refused to say whether the company will replace the extra key fobs purchased by residents.