Millionaire gay couple to be subject of TV series Two Queens and a Castle

NIGHTCLUB millionaires Terry George and Michael Rothwell are starring in a fly on the wall documentary.

The couple, who made legal history with the first civil partnership in 2005, will give viewers a behind the scenes look at life at Folly Castle, Stainland.

Last year Mr George and Mr Rothwell's castle was crowned Britain's Best Home 2008.

The series follows the day-to-day lives of the couple, who are worth an estimated 20 million from their entertainment and property empire.

It includes the ups and downs of a surprise 40th birthday party for Mr Rothwell, and the rallying of enough drag queens to break an unusual world record at Leeds Pride.

The couple also offer their services to help organise the Blackshawhead Village fete in an attempt to raise money for their community hall roof. But when the heaven's open it leads to all sorts of problems.

Two Queens and a Castle will be shown weekly from Friday at 9.30pm on The Biography Channel.