‘Mini tornado’ hits Cragg Vale

Felled trees in Cragg Vale as a tornado hit the valley.
Felled trees in Cragg Vale as a tornado hit the valley.

People in Cragg Vale have been likening yesterday’s severe weather to a ‘mini tornado’.

Roads are reportedly still shut this morning (Saturday) following the freak weather - which saw strong winds and floods hit locations across Calderdale.

Cyclists are currently being warned to approach the popular Cragg Vale route with care - after trees fell down and the road was filled with debris.

A clean up of the area is reportedly underway.

It’s believed Cragg Vale is closed just above the 5km mark due to a clearing of trees which came down last night (Friday).

The goings on have sparked a web frenzy, with readers venting on twitter and facebook over the weather.

On Twitter, the Cragg Vale Tour de France account, @Craggvale2014, praised the “brilliant community spirit” following the “scary” weather damage, which is said to have also brought down power lines.

“Mini Tornado hit top of Cragg Vale last night. Trees down and debris in road. Clean up underway. Brilliant Community Spirit,” wrote one of the tweets,

@gargarin1972 pointed out that since Tour de France Yorkshire was announced, Cragg Vale has seen; “2m deep snow, moor fires, shallow graves and now tornados”.