Miss Rusty: ‘I’ve got no regrets’

A DEFIANT Miss Rusty said she had no regrets about her book and was still considering whether to appeal the tribunal hearing.

“I can’t regret the project,” said told Radio 5 yesterday.

“There was no harm to any students involved in it and it was a good educational experience.”

She said she was stunned by the tribunal decision but took heart in the majority verdict which gave reasonable grounds for appeal.

Miss Rusty, who giggled throughout the interview with Phil Williams on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, said her book was a fictional story approved by the school but was never intended for the internet after which the storm broke.

The book had helped her communicate with a difficult class and it had not entered her head to change the boys’ names.

Miss Rusty, who has not worked since being sacked, said the aftermath had a devastating effect on her life and had cost her her marriage.