Modern links to Brontes

Halifax Antiquarians listened to a lecture by David Glover on “The Brontes and Halifax Parish, 1811-2011: Links Old and New.”

Various places and people connect Calderdale with the famous Haworth literary family, and of these, one was the Halifax printer of the first Bronte volume ever produced, in 1811.

During Emily Bronte’s time as a schoolteacher at Southowram, she may have heard of events which she later adapted in “Wuthering Heights.”

Several other local Bronte links were through clergy in the Calder and Cragg Valleys, two of whom were close friends of Charlotte’s husband, Arthur Bell Nicholls. And Charlotte came to Halifax to purchase her wedding dress in 1854.

After her death, and the publication of Mrs Gaskell’s biography, great controversy arose in the Halifax Press about facts concerning the Bronte sisters’ education at Cowan Bridge School. David Glover was thanked by Corinne McDonald.

The next Antiquarian lecture will be held at Halifax Central Library on Tuesday February 15 at 7.30pm, when Ann Kilbey will speak on “The History of the House of Thornber.”

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