Monopoly is on the cards for us

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DESPITE Halifax losing out to Bradford for the next regional Monopoly, gaming bosses said one day it will happen - and ideas have been suggested for would-be board landmarks.

As the Courier reported last week, game makers Winning Moves announced Halifax had been a close runner-up to have its own Monopoly board - instead choosing Bradford.

But Graham Barnes, the company’s director of communications, said: “Halifax came very close and is now very much on our radar to have its own game in future years based on its wonderful - and heralded - landmarks such as Piece Hall and Eureka.

“We wouldn’t do more than one regional game in any one year or two so for this time Bradford has won out.

“We don’t see the runner-up as

anything other than a winner too as we are sure in future years they will get their own games as well.”

Courier readers were quick to post suggestions on the website for potential property places on the board - including Wainhouse Tower, Shibden Hall and the Shay.

Katie Kinsella, principal officer for tourism at Calderdale Council, said if the council had known about the idea, they would have put forward the many landmarks in Halifax.

She said: “I was disappointed to hear Halifax had lost out, as we do have an awful lot to offer. It’s positive that we were very close and that they’re possibly considering us in the future. It would be a fantastic opportunity for us.”

Mrs Kinsella had a few suggestions of her own for possible board places, including Halifax Minster, the merchant houses in Halifax: Hope Hall on Clare Road and Somerset House on George Street, Square Chapel and the HBOS building.

l Where do you think should appear on Calderdale Monopoly? Is King Cross Street our Mayfair - or is it the Old Kent Road? Email your suggestions for local Monopoly squares to