‘Monstrosity’ is knocked back

A LANDOWNER has had his bid to build a double garage on his land refused after it was billed a “monstrosity” by objectors.

Michael Webster, the owner of land rear of 10 Heywood Court, Northowram, applied to build a double garage. His application was unanimously refused by councillors at Calderdale Council’s planning committee.

They said the garage, which would measure 48 square metres, was too tall to fit into the local area.

Objector Carol Illingworth, who lives in a neighbouring apartment block, said: “We bought on the south side so we had a view over Halifax and it’s a lovely view.

“Now we’ll have this monstrosity.

“It looks like this is a foregone conclusion but would you want to sit in your lounge and look at this?” she asked.

The applicant said the building was necessary to increase his storage space.

He said he bought the land to stop trespassers using it as a cut-through route and to stop fly-tipping.

He said before he bought and cleared the land that it was a “total eyesore”.

In refusing the application, David Hardy (Lib Dem, Elland) said: “I think it’s going to be an overbearing building and that worries me.”

Mrs Illingworth said afterwards it was “brilliant” news that it had been refused.