Motorway traffic officers praised

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A pair of kind hearted motorway traffic officers who starred in a BBC documentary have been inundated with praise after they helped get a Second World War widower to his comrades in Holland.

PC’s Doug Lofthouse and Dale Anderson were shown coming to the rescue of 91-year-old Bill who had fought as a paratrooper in the Battle of Arnhem in 1944 on last night’s Motorway Cops on BBC 1.

Bill, who was on his way to board a ferry to the Netherlands so he could be reunited with his fellow heroes, had damaged his car and was unable to continue.

There was little chance of the car being fixed quickly enough and time was quickly ticking away before the ferry set sail.

But that was until the two officers drove to the rescue.

They stayed with Bill and rang round various hire car businesses until they took him to a local store where they agreed to a five week loan.

They then checked Bill, who wasn’t used to the new car, was OK to drive before he headed off to his ferry which he was in time for.

And they helped move all of his belongings to his new car before he drove off.

Bill, who had also outlived his children, sadly died in Holland – but, as the programme explained, did so surrounded by his World War Two pals.

Since the second of the five episode series aired last night (Monday 10 September) police have been inundated with messages of support for the actions of the two officers.

Social media site twitter was inundated with comments with 117 positive and supportive tweets.

Chief Superintendent Barry South praised the two officers and everyone who took part in the show.

“Last night’s episode and the one before gave a quick insight into what police officers up and down the country do 24/7 365 days of the year to serve the public.

“Doug and Dale went above and beyond the call of duty to help Bill in his hour of need get to an event which clearly meant the world to him.

“The fact that it meant Bill spent his final few days surrounded by his friends has clearly struck a chord with people who have praised their actions.

“All the comments above are from members of the public who have taken the time to pass on their praise.

“I can’t praise the officers highly enough and it is clear that people who watched the show felt the same way.

“The other officers involved also demonstrated the very finest traditions of the West Yorkshire Police and I am very proud of all of them.”