Mountain team battle with Beast from the East during snow rescues

It's safe to say that the last few days have been busy for Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team working around the clock in shifts to provide support for the emergency services, local councils and associated agencies.

Monday, 5th March 2018, 12:43 pm
Updated Monday, 5th March 2018, 3:20 pm
Conditions the Calder Valley Search and Rescue team had to contend with

The CVSRT is a charity funded entirely by donations with all team members volunteering their time freely.

In most cases, members have full time jobs and families to support, as well as juggling their commitment to the rescue team.

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Granted, no one forces them to go out in all weather conditions, day or night, to help those in need, but they do regardless of the circumstance.

The sense of community is at the heart of the team with a sole purpose to unconditionally help those in most need.

Hard times often bring out the best in people and the team members have witnessed some incredible acts of kindness towards complete strangers and neighbours alike.

Here is a summary of the incidents the team was called out to.

Conditions the Calder Valley Search and Rescue team had to contend with

• Team assisted Yorkshire Ambulance Service with a casualty with a suspected fractured neck of femur

• Team assisted West Yorkshire Police and neighbouring rescue teams with patrolling high-level routes rescuing drivers and families in distress - in some cases, vehicles had skidded off the road or were stranded for several hours in snowdrifts with sub-zero temperatures and high winds with no supplies

• Local farmers helped to clear a route for a patient to get to hospital for dialysis – Team drove the patient home afterwards.

• 22 people evacuated from M62 to a place of refuge at the North Bridge Leisure Centre. Also supplied hot drinks to stranded drivers on M62 throughout the night.

Conditions the Calder Valley Search and Rescue team had to contend with

• High-level patrols continued for several days with the team assisting countless stranded drivers helping to dig out vehicles or evacuating the passengers to a place of safety.

Whilst the worst of the weather appears to have passed, snow continues to fall and certain areas of high ground remain affected with difficult driving conditions.

CVSRT remains on standby to assist where required.

To make a donation to the team click here