Move over, Elvis!

IT might not pull the same numbers as McFly at the Victoria Theatre but a tiny town centre shop will host its own special gig next week.

Revo Records will celebrate 20 years in business with a lunchtime acoustic show by three local acts.

Music lovers are being encouraged to go in, watch performers crammed on to a makeshift stage in the shop's corner where a model of Elvis normally stands and enjoy party food.

Andy Lister, a soul-rock guitarist, will headline, with supports to be confirmed.

Revo owner Nick Symonet, of Heath Lea, said: "You can't let your 20th anniversary go by without a blowout and this is the ideal way to celebrate.

"Forget the plastic mega-stars playing anonymous city chain stores. This will be real Halifax music in a really atmospheric setting."

It will be a first for the store, which Mr Symonet set up after becoming disillusioned working in a sock factory in 1987.

Back then tapes were music's main format and Pet Shop Boys, Boy George and Erasure were all chart toppers.

Four record shops in town have moved or closed including Wall Of Sound, Bradley's and Andy's Records.

"The music industry is in trouble," said Mr Symonet, whose customers have included members of The Jam and Shed Seven.

"Supermarkets selling CDs and downloads have all hit record shops hard and that's why there's only us left. But I don't plan on closing any time soon.

"I've got 20 years until I retire and I plan to spend them all here at Revo.

"It's better than working for a living. It's been a dream job."

A date and full line-up for the anniversary gig will be confirmed this weekend.

Odd gigs

Revo Records will not be the first place to stage a concert in slightly less than usual surroundings.

The Apple Studios' roof, Savile Row, London, became an impromptu stage for a Beatles show in 1969. They played several songs before police shut them down because of the noise.

Carnglaze Caverns, Liskeard, Cornwall, staged an underground show by poppers British Sea Power. Fans were warned to mind the stalactites.

A Hammersmith and City Tube carriage was invaded by punks The Others who performed to startled commuters in 2004.

Halifax Piece Hall, built in the 18th century, sees young bands play there every summer.