Movie magic in Calderdale

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Hairdressing students at Calderdale College took part in a hairdressing competiton based on movie magic.

Students were faced with the challenge of creating hairstyles in the theme of movie magic with their own interpretations.

Runner up, Jemma Rathwell, 29, from Illingworth said: “I picked an old cinema popcorn seller so old fashioned cinema was my inspiration,

“I have really enjoyed today and I enjoyed working in the salon and getting my model ready.”

The overall winner was Nicola Clegg, 34, from Holywell Green.

She said: “I really enjoyed the competition and the wings have been a real challenge. It has taken me quite a few weeks to create them but it has all been good fun.The competition has given me more confidence to try new things.

“I absolutely love my course and I am pushing to be the best hairdresser I can be.”

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