Moyles to re-open three years after devastating floods

Louise Challoner at MoylesTown-House, Hebden Bridge.
Louise Challoner at MoylesTown-House, Hebden Bridge.

A business devastated by severe floods is to re-open three years after the deluge swept through the Calder Valley.

The popular Moyles Hotel and Restaurant, New Road, Hebden Bridge, was forced to close in the wake of the June 2012 flooding, which caused tens of millions of pounds worth of damage.

Around 900 homes and businesses in the Upper Calder Valley were affected as the River Calder in Hebden Bridge recorded its highest ever level of 10ft.

Moyles struggled to recover from the impact of the disaster and lost a significant amount of business, but the building has now been restored to its former glory and will re-open as a 12-room bed and breakfast.

Reinvented as Moyles Town House, the new business offers luxurious, contemporary accomodation, right in the heart of Hebden Bridge.

Owner Simon Moyle said: “For some time we were trying to sort out the insurance and once we did get it sorted, we couldn’t see any point in leaving the rooms dormant.

“We’re happy to be offering great hospitality in a bed and breakfast setting. I can’t wait for it to open, it’s amazing how much has happened in Yorkshire since the floods.

“It’s a great time to hit the ground running, Hebden Bridge is a very vibrant place and I think we have a great chance of making it work.

“I’ve always had a lot of affection for the town, I’ve spent a lot of time there and I’m really pleased we have got a local girl to run it.

“I think she will do a great job in getting things started again.”

As part of the re-opening, all rooms have been redecorated and the first floor and cellar, which sustained most of the flood damage, have been completely renovated.

A new kitchen and breakfast area has also been created to cater to guest’s needs.

Taking the reins as manager, Louise Challoner said: “It’s really exciting to see what it is going to be like and everyone is so excited.

“Hebden Bridge does need it because it is such a tourist town, it’s getting busier and busier and hopefully it will bring more people in.”

The bed and breakfast offers single, premier and signature rooms, ranging from £75 per night to £125 per night, all of which include a locally-sourced Continental breakfast.

And in the future, a bar and cafe could occupy spare space on the premises.

Mr Moyle added: “There is space we aren’t using at the moment, but we want to get settled in first and I think once that’s open and returning the figures we are looking for, it might be a consideration.

“Or if someone feels they would to like to rent that space, I would be happy to talk to them.”

Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker said: “I’m delighted to hear that Moyles Hotel & Restaurant is due to re-open.

“The road to recovery for many of the businesses who were affected by the flooding has been long and difficult and the reopening of Moyles at this time is an important landmark for Hebden Bridge.

“I will continue to work closely with Calderdale Council to ensure that an effective tourism strategy for the wider Upper Valley is in place.

“With the summer season approaching it is incredibly important that we continue to get the message out that the Upper Valley is well and truly open for business.”

Calderdale councillor Janet Battye (Lib-Dem, Calder) added: “I’m delighted to hear that it is reopening, putting 12 rooms into the visitor economy will be very welcome.

“We need places for people to come and stay. It’s in a great place and I wish them all the best.

“Opening as a bed and breakfast will be good for them and their business will be important for Hebden Bridge.”

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