MP’s concern over flood cash hold up

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Vital funds to help Yorkshire get back on its feet after this winter’s floods have still not arrived from the European Union as the Government has still not submitted the final application papers.

Despite a promise to apply to the EU Solidarity Fund six weeks ago, it has been revealed that the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has still not submitted all the documents to the EU Commission to deal with a request for cash.

Up to £125m is estimated to be available to the UK from an EU central pot created to help member states deal with natural disasters. While the Minister for the Northern Powerhouse, James Wharton, said the Department for Communities and Local Government would apply on February 25, it has been revealed that so far the department has only submitted an initial application.

A Department for Communities and Local Government spokesman said: “As set out in Parliament nearly six weeks ago, we made clear we were applying and are now in the process of collating and submitting the detailed information the Commission requires alongside our application.

“This will take time as communities continue to make claims under our recovery schemes and the damage to infrastructure continues to be assessed – councils, departments and devolved administrations will need to supply their final costs as they become available.”

The MP for Halifax, Holly Lynch (Labour), said: “This revelation is disappointing.

“ I know Calderdale Council has provided detailed information about the cost of the infrastructure damage to the Government and I imagine flood affected councils are all now in a position to do the same. So what is the hold-up?”

Once the final application is handed in, it will take the EU six weeks to assess the application.

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