MP still backs demo group

HALIFAX MP Linda Riordan has reiterated her support for an organisation, many of whose members were caught up in last weekend’s demonstrations in London.

About 135 members of the UK Uncut campaign were bailed on a charge of aggravated trespass.

Police acted after a wave of demonstrators occupied the luxury food store Fortnum and Mason.

Mrs Riordan was one of only 27 MPs who signed an Early Day Motion to Parliament in December praising the group for drawing attention to tax evasion and avoidance through peaceful demonstrations.

“Sometimes peaceful aims can be tarnished by people intent on violence but not directly associated with particular groups,” she said after Saturday’s arrests.

“I certainly don’t condone wrecking shops and destroying property.

“We must remember half a million people marched peacefully against the Government cuts, sending out a powerful message.

“I continue to support the organisation’s aim in campaigning for a fairer and more equitable society,” she said.