MP warns against cutting tax credits

Holly Lynch
Holly Lynch

Thousands of Halifax’s poorest children will see their families lose an average of £1,300 a year if tax credit changes go ahead, claims Halifax MP Holly Lynch.

Despite a defeat in the House of Lords this week the Conservative Party has vowed to continue with large cuts in Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits, in a move which has been heavily criticised by the Halifax MP.

Working Tax Credits were introduced under the last Labour government in order to encourage people to work. The government believe that it is necessary to cut the level of these benefits as part of their election pledge to cut £12 billion of welfare spending. But there has been concern that cutting tax credits will have a damaging effect on low income working families.

Ms Lynch said: “I am shocked at quite how casually George Osborne brushes aside the potential impact of these cuts. This is despite warnings from many of his own MPs that they will hit those working hard on low wages.

“In Halifax alone the 12,700 children who live in families claiming tax credits will see their family income fall by an average of £1,300 a year. This is money that ensures that parents are incentivised to work, but most importantly that their children do not grow up in poverty.

“It is no surprise that my mailbox is already packed full of worried letters from people who don’t know how they’ll manage to pay the bills. The House of Lords has sent these proposals back to the government to think again. The government should now fully reassess these cuts to ensure that no one is left worse off.”