Mum’s bid for justice is denied

Linda Hawker hands in her petition at Downing Street.
Linda Hawker hands in her petition at Downing Street.

A grieving mum whose son died when a speeding car crashed into a lamppost says she is “disgusted” that the investigation into the case will not be re-opened.

Linda Hawker’s son Daniel Atkinson, from Huddersfield, died in 2006 along with Jade Rice, also 17, of Savile Park, when a speeding car driven by their care worker, Mohammed Tanwir, smashed into a lamp post in Bradley, near Brighouse.

She handed in a petition of more than 2,000 signatures to Downing Street in April calling for the release of all the files and the re-opening of the case.

But in a letter from the chief executive of the Crown Prosecution service, Peter Lewis, Linda has been told “our conclusion is there is nothing we can do”.

She said: “It’s disgusting - it just beggars belief.

“They said they’ve done everything they can and they’re not looking into it.

“They also said it’s not in the public interest but how can they say that? Is it not in my interest to know what happened?

“The petition was meant to go to David Cameron - why haven’t I heard from him?

“I’m not angry with the driver as much as I am with the people in the justice system.

“I don’t know what to believe in any more. Would they accept it if it had been their child who was killed?

“I’m not going to let it grind me down, I’m going to make sure something happens.”