Music group given funding boost

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Small change has made a big difference to a music group set up in Halifax for deaf or hard of hearing children.

The Yorkshire Building Society charitable foundation has donated £1,900 to the charity Music and The Deaf, which runs the Yorkshire Music Club from the 1855 Building, on Discovery Road.

The club is led by Sean Chandler, a professional deaf trumpeter and music teacher, and music workshop leader Paul O’Donoghue.

It welcomes any deaf or hard of hearing children to join the club whether they already play an instrument or have never even held an instrument.

The money has enabled the club to purchase a portable soundfield system. This allows children with hearing difficulties to hear their music tutor’s voice clearly even if they are facing away from them.

Jayne Fenton, treasurer at Yorkshire Music Club, said: “The equipment has made a massive difference to the group and the children have commented how much easier it is to hear the teacher, which is brilliant.”