Muslims join together to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

Holy procession in Halifax to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.
Holy procession in Halifax to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

Thousands of Muslims joined together to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad last week.

The third month of the Islamic calendar has now commenced - a time of great happiness and joy for the Muslim community.

To mark this special time, more than 5,000 men and women gathered after Friday prayers (December 26) at the Francis Street mosque for a procession through Halifax, with religious flags, banners and placards.

Prominent scholars, spiritual leaders and community members were also in attendance and hoped to spread the message of equality, love and peace.

On the route of the procession, stalls were set out to serve food and refreshments and fireworks were let off to mark the occasion.

Organiser Sheikh Haider Tirmezi, said: “Our people have been preparing for this occasion for the last month.

“We are grateful to the council and the local authorities for their cooperation - the objective of this procession is to spread the message of love & peace which is the real message of Islam.

“Muhammad is the messenger of peace and has taught his followers the principles of equality, justice and peace.”

The period is one of the most important times of the year for the Muslim community and celebration events will run until January 3, the date of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.