My battle to bring home bride

Craig and Julianna Divers on their wedding day in Brazil
Craig and Julianna Divers on their wedding day in Brazil

A NEWLY-wed Halifax man is desperately trying to bring his bride from Brazil.

Craig Divers was forced to return to the UK alone after he married Brazilian bride Julianna in October as he has not been able to get a spouse visa.

He is now seeking the support of Halifax MP Linda Riordan to overturn the decision by the UK Border Agency.

The agency wrote to Mrs Divers saying she had not supplied evidence of photos together or declarations of acquaintance from friends or family.

It also said she failed to produce evidence of available funds and on the balance of probabilities the agency was not satisfied the couple could maintain themselves without resource to public funds.

Mr Divers, of Illingworth Road, Illingworth, said he believed the couple were victims of an immigration system described by many as shambolic.

“We are extremely frustrated, disheartened, and confused that this decision has been made on a lack of supporting evidence which was not asked for during the application process.

“In a matter of days this information could have been provided - and will be now - but despite the Border Agency stating previously that they investigate applications neither my wife, myself, or my employers were contacted to supply the required information.

“It seems that the Border Agency has had a cursory glance at the application and has made a decision without any kind of investigation or request to interview my wife.”

The couple met in Brazil, in 2003 while he was travelling.

The relationship blossommed and he visited the country three times in 2005 and again in 2007. She stopped in the UK for nine weeks in 2006 and again visited in 2008.

Mr Divers proposed on a visit in 2009 and 200 guests attended the wedding in Brazil.

The couple lived in one of her parents properties after marrying until he returned to the UK.

“The plan had been to arrange the visa whilst I was in Brazil but the visa process was more protracted and difficult than we expected.”

Mr Divers, 39, is a surveyor and Mrs Divers has a law degree and hopes to continue her career in the UK.

He is to appeal the decision and hopes intervention by Mrs Riordan will lead to a speedy resolution otherwise the dispute could run-on for six months.

“We did everything right and it’s frustrating we are at this stage now,” said Mr Divers.

He said his parents Tommy and Jean Divers, also of Illingworth, are very upset, and family and friends are supporting him in his efforts.

Mrs Riordan said she is progressing the request to get the issue resolved to everybody’s satisfaction.