My dad fell twice from hospital bed

The family of a disabled man have spoken of their fury after he fell out of bed TWICE in hospital – breaking his hip and wrist.

Allan Stead, 62, who has a prosthetic leg, had been taken to Calderdale Royal Hospital after his mobility scooter was involved in accident with a bus in Halifax.

He received a minor head injury in the collision and was expected to be discharged after an overnight stay.

But the next day, Mr Stead's daughter, Tracy Gledhill, 38, was told he had fallen out of bed and had been transferred to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary for an operation.

Just three days after the operation the family was told Mr Stead had fallen out of bed again, but luckily received no further injuries.

Tracy, of Willowfield Road, Halifax, said: "How could he be allowed to fall out of bed again? I just thought 'It gets worse and worse'.

"I went hot and cold when I heard. My heart was in my mouth.

"I thought 'Oh, my God, what damage has he got now?'"

Tracy said she was devastated when she heard about the initial fall at the Halifax hospital and his injuries.

"I just couldn't believe it. You think he's safe in hospital.

"He'd come away from his scooter accident with hardly any injuries - just a bump on the head.

"And then he goes into hospital and ends up with a broken hip and broken wrist.

"I asked if the bed had any sides on and they said it didn't."

She said her father now faced months of recovery and physiotherapy.

"His broken hip is the same side as his false leg so it's going to be a longer recovery – and because of his wrist, as you have to be able to hold on to a frame to get you walking again.

"When he does get home we really don't know how he's going to manage."

The family has now filed a complaint with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust.

A Trust spokeperson said: "We are aware of Mr Stead's family'sconcerns and we are looking into them.

"We will remain in contact with his family throughout."