My photography dream in Piece Hall

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AS a young boy Kieron Nevison was fascinated by photography and now aged 41 he is finally fulfilling his dream.

He has his own studio in the Piece Hall and is undertaking a full range of work as he builds up his name.

A recent customer was the animator Barry Purves who has worked on Postman Pat, Rupert the Bear and King Kong.

He saw his work while attending a speaking engagement in Halifax and was photographed with a puppet from his latest film Tchaikovsky.

Mr Nevison, of Wheatley, Halifax, was taught photography skills by his father and grandfather and he developed numerous black and white photographs in his bedroom, which doubled as a darkroom.

After leaving school he was a YTS trainee working in darkrooms and setting up studio lighting and travelled the country on commercial work.

But, he didn’t have the money to set up on his own and a near-six-year career in the Royal Navy followed in submarines.

He then studied for a law degree but his interest in photography never waned and he was encouraged by the feedback from those who saw his work.

And, when a house sale released spare cash he took the plunge and bought the equipment needed to set up professionally, initially working from home until his move into the Piece Hall.

Mr Nevison said his early years of experience had benefited him as he had learned much about contrasts and lighting.

He is a perfectionist and prefers to get pictures right in the camera rather than rely on computer technology as a back-up.

Mr Nevison is also a member of English Heritage and said the Piece Hall was an ideal location.

“I just love the Piece Hall. It also gives me the option to nip outside – even when it’s raining I can take pictures outside,” he said.

Like his neighbouring traders he hopes exciting plans for the Piece Hall come to fruition which will increase footfall and help businesses.

Meanwhile, he is concentrating on building his reputation with portraits, weddings, commercial and event photography.

He said the best part of his job is grateful clients.

“I like to see people’s response when I give them their photographs,” he said.