Nelly reunited with her owner in Merseyside after being found in Elland

Nelly the cat
Nelly the cat

A cat has been returned to its owners after turning up in Elland having been missing for six months from its home in Merseyside.

Elland resident Sarah Jowitt, 46, spotted five-year-old Merseyside moggie Nelly in her garden last week and has since helped reunite her with her owners, who came and collected Nelly last Saturday.

“She slipped under a bush in my garden,” Sarah said, “and she was meowing and crying, she looked like she hadn’t got a home.

“I took her to the vets and we had her scanned. The vet then rang the number from her chip and found she was from Merseyside and had been missing for six months.

“When I told the owner they couldn’t believe it. They were over the moon.

“I don’t know how she got here, whether she climbed onto a lorry or something, or how she’s survived.”