New Calder Valley Mayors are looking forward to year ahead

New Valley Mayors
New Valley Mayors

It’s all change in the Calder Valley as new Mayors have been sworn in for Hebden Royd and Todmorden.

The new Mayor of Todmorden, Coun Andy Hollis, is looking forward to getting to know the town much better over the next 12 months.

Todmorden Mayor Making

Todmorden Mayor Making

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He was elected as Mayor alongside new Deputy Mayor Joan Taylor at Todmorden Town Council’s annual meeting and Mayor’s Day.

Over 100 guests including local organisations, charities, residents, civic representatives, councillors and officers attended the event which finished with a sherry reception and celebration buffet in the ballroom.

Unusually two very well behaved dogs were also invited to the event, Pepper and Jack, as the Mayor’s chosen charity for this year is Calder Valley Search and Rescue.

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During the Annual Meeting, citizenship award certificates were presented to Cynthia Murray for services to the town and Lisa Pearson and Abbie Cowie from the ‘Back to Netball’ Scheme.

Coun Hollis has lived in Todmorden for 32 years but is looking forward to discovering what the town has to offer.

“There are so many things going on in the town,” he said. “I think all of us have a particular hobby or interest and just stick to that but I am looking forward to getting to know the town much better. Meeting lots of people who are involved in the community will be fascinating.

“It will help me to get more involved in different things when I finish being mayor.”

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The Mayor’s chosen charity this year is Calder Valley Search and Rescue. When speaking about why he chose this charity, Coun Hollis said: “I know how much work they do round the country, not just locally, and also four of the six dogs come from, or live in, Todmorden.

“With the changing climate the team is going to be more necessary than ever before.”

Coun Hollis’ first outing as Mayor will be a trip to Todmorden’s twin town Bramsche in Germany to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the link between the two towns.

Hebden Royd Town Council elected their new Mayor at their Annual Meeting held at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Coun Dr Carol Stow, who has held a place on the Town Council for the last three years, was unanimously elected to the post and announced that her consort would be her friend, Alice Barford.

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Coun Stephne Harrison will act as her deputy for the coming year with the help of her consort Roz Brown. Coun Dr Stow announced that her charity for the year would be ‘Slow the Flow’ who are working to protect the Calder Valley, and similar locations, from flooding in the future.

The meeting also celebrated the achievements of the last twelve months and said farewell to the outgoing Mayor of Hebden Royd. Former Mayor, Coun Pat Fraser, had a “wonderful year” and thanked the community for their support.

She said: “I decided fairly early on in my year that I would try to attend as many community activities and groups as I was capable of and I must thank my consorts of all their help, support and encouragement as well as patience as it did get a little complicated at times attending so many diverse groups.

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“I said last year that I hoped I could be an ambassador for Hebden Royd. I sincerely hope that I have succeeded, even if only in a small way.”

The departing Mayor of Todmorden, Coun Christine Potter said the most frequently asked question over the past year has been ‘Is she enjoying being Mayor of Todmorden?’.

“The answer is simple and heartfelt. I have, enormously,” she said. “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in so many activities and to meet so many hard working people.”

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