New film will be based on Lyndon Kershaw’s story

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A new film has been written about the life of a Halifax boxer who battled with drugs and personal tragedy, losing his mum and brother, and ended up becoming a victim of his circumstances.

Former boxer-turned-actor Chris Wild has written the fictional film The Scrapper based on the real life of boxer Lyndon Kershaw, from Mixenden, who died in 2005.

Mr Wild, who has been writing the script for the past five years, said: “It’s a story about realism, the real fight that every boxer goes through behind closed doors.

“For all those who don’t know, the life of a boxer doesn’t really have any glory; it’s plagued by drugs, drink and personal tragedy.”

The Scrapper is Mr Wild’s first feature film as a writer and is based on true events.

He said: “I used to train with Lyndon at the Halifax Star boxing gym run by the late Gordon Jones.

“Gordon nurtured most of the kids in Halifax, especially those from more deprived backgrounds - none so more than Lyndon.”

Mr Wild hopes to change the perception of what a boxer’s life is really like.

He said: “Boxing films are fabricated with glory, the real truth however is that the life of a boxer is lonely and painful.

“The fight itself is the easy bit, but you never really see the internal or subconscious thoughts of a fighter and that is something I’ve always wanted to write about.”

The Scrapper is based on true events and out of respect to Lyndon’s family Mr Wild has adapted the story and introduced fictional characters.

He said: “We intend to bring the story back to life and give Lyndon the justice he truly deserves.

“Lots of professionals in the film industry have shown an interest and, we are going to film the trailer in Halifax next year to get investment.”

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