New food bank opens in Halifax helping families in need

Martin Durgan at the North Halifax Food BankMartin Durgan at the North Halifax Food Bank
Martin Durgan at the North Halifax Food Bank
An increasing need for food banks has led to a new one opening in Halifax.

North Halifax Food Bank, at New Beginnings Christian Centre in Ovenden, opened last month and has already helped to feed several families.

Lead Pastor at the church Alistair Pugh said when he visited the The Food and Support Drop-In on St James Road in Halifax town centre and saw how many people there were from North Halifax, he decided to offer support in their area.

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It took three months to stockpile supplies but now they are open every Thursday between 9.30am and 11am.

Their ultimate aim, he said, is to get to the point where the food bank is no longer needed.

“It’s sad that we have a got a need for food banks in 2019,” said Alistair. “Some people get to the end of the month and they can’t afford to feed their kids.”

His observations are echoed by Nicola Freemantle, from Halifax Homeless and Community Kitchen, who said there are a surprising number of families who can not afford to feed their children and some youngsters rely on the food they receive at school.

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“The school are giving them at least one hot meal a day but what do they do in the six-week holidays? “ she asked. “Where do they go? What do these kids do? Where do they eat?”

The community kitchen opened in January and runs every Sunday next to Halifax Bus Station between noon and 3pm, serving meals and giving food, toiletries and sometimes even clothes to take away.

It also takes food packages to schools for them to give to families in need. Donations are made from local restaurants and supermarkets.