New lease of life for fire-ravaged pub

Heather Palmer and the Ovenden Private Day Nursery team
Heather Palmer and the Ovenden Private Day Nursery team

A fire-ravaged building has been given a new lease of life after undergoing a drastic transformation.

The former Ovenden Cross hotel was left ravaged after a fire ripped through the premises in December 2012.

The building lay derelict for more than a year before a savvy nursery owner restored it to its former glory.

The Ovenden Private Day Nursery opened two weeks ago and has risen from the ashes of the former hotel.

Heather Palmer, owner of the nursery said: “We knew about the building and thought it would lend itself well to becoming a nursery.

“It’s taken us 10 months to renovate it and its taken a lot of sweat and tears - we stripped it back to its four walls.

“We were attracted to the position of the building and it had a lot of things going for it - it just needed some TLC.

“To bring it back into action following the fire is great, as it is a historic building.”

The Ovenden Cross has a rich history and has played a significant role in the cultural history of Halifax.

In its heyday, Bramwell Bronte stayed in the hotel for some weeks and it is thought that the hotel was once the meeting place of the Ovenden Choral Society.

Now, Heather, who also owns the Scarlet Heights Day Nursery in Queensbury, is dedicated to offering top-quality childcare from the new nursery site, to best prepare tots for their next steps at school.

Two open days - on November 14 and 22 - will be held at the nursery for prospective parents and children.

On November 14, the nursery will be open from 12-3pm, and 11-2pm on November 22.

For more information contact Heather on 01422 343911.