New lights system at notorious bottleneck

Hipperholme crossroads, Leeds Road, Hipperholme
Hipperholme crossroads, Leeds Road, Hipperholme

new high-tech traffic lights at Hipperholme Crossroads could save Halifax commuters valuable minutes when it comes into effect next month.

But delays are expected to get worse before the system comes in.

Calderdale Council will have to dig up the road to install the equipment.

The Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation, or MOVA, system, is used by hundreds of councils throughout the country.

It uses sensors built into the road to detect when traffic has built up in one direction.

The lights will then stay green for a few seconds longer to allow more cars through.

The difference between MOVA and other traffic control systems is that it reacts to the volume of traffic at the junction at that moment, rather than predicting how busy it will be at any given time of day.

David Tee, head of highways at Calderdale Council, said: “The system uses new technology which examines the flow of traffic in real time to provide a more efficient way of managing vehicle movements at the junction.

“Once installed, the system has the potential to improve traffic flow.

“This will benefit the local economy through people getting to work more quickly, businesses opening on time and deliveries being made on time. Works on site will involve the installation of new vehicle detection equipment and a new traffic signal controller and should take two weeks to complete.

“From time to time during the works, it will be necessary to using temporary traffic signals.”