New research on carbs diets

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A weight-loss Consultant from Elland is urging anyone who wants to lose weight in 2019 not to fall for the common misconception that cutting out carbohydrates is effective for long-term weight loss.

The warning comes after new research found that low-carb diets are often difficult to follow and leave people feeling hungry, bored and restricted.

The study, conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Slimming World, concluded that the nation is confused about the role of carbohydrates in health and weight loss.

They found more than 70 per cent of people have tried to lose weight, with more than a third (37 per cent) of them following a low-carbohydrate diet. Michelle Bancroft, a Slimming World Consultant at Southgate Methodist church Elland group says that while many people wishing to lose weight believe they need to cut out high-carbohydrate foods from their diet – like pasta, rice, potatoes and bread – in fact, members of her group eat these foods regularly, lose weight, and keep it off.

She said: “We hear conflicting and confusing messages about the best way to lose weight all the time, especially this time of year.

“Often these messages in the media, on social media and within the diet industry tell us how we need to ‘cut out’ carbohydrates in order to lose weight.

“When the survey asked if starchy carbohydrates should be the main source of calories in a healthy, balanced diet, 81 per cent thought this was a myth or weren’t certain whether it was a myth or fact. We really are a nation that’s ‘carbfused’!”

She added: “I’ve lost three stone as a Slimming World member myself, and trust me I couldn’t have lost the weight, or kept it off, without being able to eat pasta, rice, potatoes and bread along the way!”