New service from Overgate Hospice

A new course from Overgate Hospice is provide invaluable advice and support for patients with chronic lung conditions.

Saturday, 4th June 2016, 11:45 am
Day hospice staff at Overgate Hospice

A Breath of Fresh Air was launched earlier this year and is available to patients on Thursday afternoons over six weeks and has been developed alongside the hospice’s specialist respiratory team.

The course aims to teach both patients and carers a variety of coping techniques and strategies for managing symptoms, which can include breathlessness, anxiety and fatigue which often demand high levels of support from loved ones or carers.

The course centres on specific topics such as future care and education around medication as well as support for carers.

The support and advice offered by the course encourages patients to set a personal goal and aims to develop and improve outcomes and capabilities for patients.

One patient, who has already undergone the course, said; “I was very nervous and scared but after the first visit I felt relaxed and totally enjoyed my six weeks.”

It is hoped that the introduction of the service will prevent emergency admissions to hospital, provide better access to hospice services, improve outcomes that matter to patients and empower patients to make decisions about their preferred place of care.

One patient’s carer said; “I was very nervous and thought it was all about patients dying with cancer.

“I have had my eyes opened. I felt welcome and it was a nice atmosphere.”