New shock at Lloyds as workers are axed at two Halifax sites

Accord Conference Belfast, April 21-23 2010. Ged Nichols, General Secretary ACCORD.
Accord Conference Belfast, April 21-23 2010. Ged Nichols, General Secretary ACCORD.

LLOYDS has axed another 40 jobs locally in its latest round of cuts.

Staff were told yesterday and they are among 360 nationally facing the axe in the ongoing integration programme.

The cuts are across the bank’s group functions, wholesale, retail and insurance divisions and affect both Trinity Road, Halifax, and the Copley centre.

Separately, 140 roles within the insurance division will transfer to another company under a new investment accounting outsourcing arrangement.

Lloyds Banking Group has shed 27,500 jobs since the integration of Lloyds and HBOS started in 2009, although the number of actual redundancies would be a lot lower than that.

Ged Nichols, General Secretary of Accord, the union representing former HBOS employees now working in LBG, said: “This latest blow, as well as hitting those losing their jobs or being TUPE-transferred, will further sap the morale of the remaining hard-working and professional LBG employees.

“Accord believes the new management team should put a halt to further redundancies whilst they re-evaluate the plans of the former management.

“Instead, Accord believes they should give a renewed focus to customer service delivered by professional and motivated staff.”

Mr Nichols added the union had told the bank it saw no need for any compulsory redundancies to achieve the desired job reductions, and the union expected the bank to seek deployment wherever possible.

Lloyds said all affected employees have been briefed by their line manager.

“The group’s policy is always to use natural turnover and to redeploy people wherever possible to retain their expertise and knowledge within the group. Where it is necessary for employees to leave the company, it will look to achieve this by offering voluntary severance.