New street lamps agreed for village

TWo street lamps in Luddenden village will be replaced with old-fashioned iron posts after council bosses agreed to stump up the cash.

Luddenden Conservation Society’s latest newsletter has announced that after “much presure” the council has agreed to replace two of the “unsightly, old concrete posts” in the village with metal ones.

The society said it is hopeful to agree a programme of replacing the remainder – but council chiefs said nothing had been decided.

The council said the cost of replacing the two posts will be £1,500.

Peter Layfield, a trustee of the society, said “We’ve been trying to get the concrete street lamps, in the conservation area of Luddenden, replaced by old-fashioned iron street lamps.

“When you look at them and look at other conservation areas around the country, they have nice street lamps.

“So we’ve written to the council, who have been quite receptive, and at the moment they have promised to replace two of the lamps. There are probably about ten in the conservation part of the village which do need to be replaced. The society has offered to pay for any additional features of the lamps.”

Kevin Crabb, Calderdale Council’s project engineer for streetlighting, said: “We can confirm that we will be replacing two of the columns on the high street, towards the end of the row. This is because the columns are coming to the end of their life and need to be replaced. The cost of this is £1,500 inclusive of Yorkshire Electricity costs.

“There’s nothing set in stone as to whether we will replace others at this time. It won’t be in this financial year but we will look into it when the time comes.”