Nice day for a white wedding!

Lisa and Stephen Greenwood.
Lisa and Stephen Greenwood.

How’s this for a white wedding?

But Stephen, 36, and Lisa Greenwood, 30, who is eight-months pregnant, from Ovenden, tied the knot without a hitch last Saturday, despite the frosty conditions.

Stephen said he woke up to a blanket of snow outside his house but everything went to plan in the end.

He said: “When I woke up it was white everywhere. It was ten inches deep at Clay House and there was about a foot of snow up where I live. The car service had been digging out for seven hours, since five in the morning. Then we had to start digging a road out in our suits

“I thought ‘here we go’. My mum came from Bridlington and Lisa’s family came from Peterborough. I was worried but you can’t cancel anything like that can you?

“My mum’s disabled so I took her to Clay House and the car service transferred Lisa into a 4x4 after towing the wedding car up a hill. My nan crashed her car into a gate and I had to go buy my daughter some wellies three hours before the service as well.”

Mr Greenwood said he was concerned about the bride’s safety before the service but that the happy couple will look back on the day with a smile.

He said: “We were worried in case Lisa slipped. But she was great about it all and took it all in her stride. I did hear that she said ‘I don’t care what happens as long as we get married’, which was nice.

“After all that, we were only five minutes late. Everyone did really, really well. It was all good fun.

“We had to say to the children at the service not to throw any snowballs but me and Lisa did for our photos afterwards. Everyone will talk about it for years to come and I’m sure we’ll have a right good laugh about it.”

Jane Marriott, from Halifax Wedding Cars and Charisma Photography, said: “It was a nightmare - it took us four hours to dig out our drive but we were determined to get them to the church on time.”