Nick will represent England in contest

Nick Lodge who is representing Great Britain in South Africa
Nick Lodge who is representing Great Britain in South Africa

A Brighouse youngster has been selected to represent Great Britain in a water skiing competition in South Africa.

Nick Lodge is jetting off in just over a week to compete in the Europe and Africa Barefoot Championships and is looking for sponsorship from businesses or indviduals to fund it.

The 21-year-old will be out there for two weeks. He will train for a week before the four-day competition against competitiors from ten different countries.

Nick trains at White Rose Water Ski Club off Eland Road, Brighouse, and has been water skiing since he was four-years-old.

He was trained to be a whole rounder and can do wakeboard, knee boarding, slalom as well as barefoot which is what he will be competing in.

“Skiing barefoot is a lot faster then what you can do on a wakeboard or knee board. I ski at 44mph on the water which is quite fast, whereas with a knee board or wakeboard you go at speeds like 20mph.

“Not a lot of people do barefoot so I did a lot of training with the Great Britain team although at the time I didn’t ski for them.”

Anyone that would like to sponsor Nick who lives at Laverock Lane, Hove Edge, can contact him at 07581786697 or email