Nicola’s animal-loving quest

Nicola Hemmingway and her adopted cats from Cyprus.
Nicola Hemmingway and her adopted cats from Cyprus.

Devoted daughter Nicola Hemingway has pledged to continue her mum’s animal-loving work and has adopted two cats from Cyprus.

Nicola, 37, of Stump Cross, sadly lost her mum Judith Hemingway in April aged 60.

Her mum was a keen animal-lover and Nicola is now following in her footsteps. She has just adopted two cats from a desperately over-run centre in Cyprus which she is also now raising money for.

Nicola siad: “This year on 9 April was the day I lost my mum. She was my best friend and the most loving, caring person I have ever met.

“Mum was a great animal lover and this had been passed on to me. Cats were her second love - after her family - and she did a lot fund-raising for rescue centres abroad.

“They were close to her heart as she and my dad, holidayed abroad a lot. When there, we always fed the stray cats and dogs and became attached to them. Mum in particular always wanted to help them.”

Nicola wanted to continue her mum’s work and searched the internet for who to help.

She came across Cyprus Pride House, run by an English couple which rescues cats and dogs in Cyprus and is in desperate need of cash or people willing to adopt the animals.

Nicola said: “I’ve adopted two cats. Dusty and Acorn are the most adorable, affectionate, loving cats I have every met. They are already part of the family. I am fundraising for for them so I can continue to send food and money to help her with her animals that are doubling in numbers by the day.”

Donations can be pledged via their website or a wish list on the Amazon website which can send food direct to teh home. Nicola added: “Also, if anyone has any unwanted items which could be sold, let me know. I hope my mum is looking down on me and feeling proud.”’

To adopt or foster a cat or dog, or donate food, visit

The website also contains details on animals needing homes, plus all other information and how to help. To contact Nicola email