Northgate closed for Princess

Roads in Halifax town centre will be closed this September to make way for the council’s renovation of the historic Princess Buildings.

Northgate and Crossley Street will be closed to traffic and pedestrians on September 6 and September 13 to accommodate cranes working on the Grade II listed premises.

Danny Murray, Regional Director of the renovation’s contractor, said: “We have worked extremely closely with Calderdale Council and its officers to ensure that the changes to existing traffic routes are being undertaken as efficiently and effectively as possible to minimise impact on the area.”

The Princess Building’s renovation is the final stage of the council’s office redevelopment and has been under way since January.

Calderdale Council’s Leader, Councillor Tim Swift, said: “It’s really exciting to see the renovations at Princess Buildings taking shape. The end result will be a perfect blend of old and new. We are keen to preserve the fabulously quirky heritage features, but also bring the working environment right up to date.”