Norwood Interiors ceases trading after drop in sales

Norwood Interiors in Brighouse
Norwood Interiors in Brighouse

Norwood Interiors has closed the doors on its Brighouse and Mirfield showrooms after it ran into financial difficulty.

The Brighouse-based kitchen, bathroom and bedroom company has closed due to a 50 per cent drop in weekly sales from the beginning of this year.

In a statement the company said its order book shrank from £700,000 to £275,000 forcing the directors to seek professional advice and "with great regret" it was concluded that the business could no longer trade.

Following the addition of a showroom in Whiteley's Garden Centre in Mirfield, the company said it had a "dramatic and positive impact helping to generate new business and improving margin".

However following a shift in the market place, sales began to slow down and the decision was taken to cease trading.

In June, the firm closed its site in Leeds, with customers orders transferred to Brighouse, but now the company is in the process of appointing a liquidator after showrooms in Brighouse and Mirfield were closed earlier this month.