Now Asda joins fight for Elland shoppers

ASDA unveiled its plans to the public for a new store at Elland.

It is the second big name supermarket wanting to move into the town following on from Morrisons.

Both schemes have now been submitted for consideration by Calderdale Council.

Asda's interest in Elland is long-standing and it has drawn up a revised scheme after being knocked back three years ago.

The site is close to the town centre between the bottom of Dewsbury Road and Huddersfield Road and will create 200 jobs and have 211 parking spaces.

Improvements would also be made to the surrounding roads.

Asda property communications manager Philip Bartram said there had been a good response to its public exhibition at the town's Cartwheel Youth Club.

"We feel the site links well with the town centre and will retain shopping in Elland," he said.

"And, the Government is looking to the private sector to create jobs."

If successful, Asda would expect to open in 2012.

Steven Lunn, who runs Bradshaw Timber in the shadow of the proposed store, would be happy for both supermarkets to be successful.

"If one gets permission then the other one should too if they are going to create jobs and it will be good for competition," he said.

Beverley Kinder, of South Lane, Elland, currently shops at Sainsbury's, Halifax.

"I would rather have Morrisons which would have a petrol station and safeguard jobs at Nu-Swift," she said.

"I do not think the area around Asda would be right, it is a rat-run.

"I would go to Morrisons."

Audrey Hemsworth, of Victoria Road, Elland, said: "Let's have the two big supermarkets to have competition to keep prices down."

She shops at Sainsbury's, Huddersfield, because she doesnt't drive and said it was more convenient for bus users.

Morrisons plans to build at Wistons Lane and create 250 jobs and relocate fire extinguisher firm Nu-Swift nearby and safeguard the 70 jobs there.

The Elland Supermarket Support Group was formed by shoppers once the Morrisons plans were outlined.

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