Now blonde who took on ‘sexist’ HBOS sets out ... as a lawyer

Haley Tansey
Haley Tansey

A FORMER manager who claimed she suffered years of sexual harassment at HBOS is about to start a new career.

Haley Tansey, 42, has completed the second year of a university law course and hopes to practise in commercial and company law.

Haley, of Wadsworth Lane, Hebden Bridge, said her “harrowing” experience at HBOS had steered her towards her new career.

She revealed she prepared her own case to take HBOS to an industrial tribunal.

She said: “I knew what had happened better than anybody else, so I put together my own documents and organised emails relating to the matter.

“When I spoke to my solicitors they said they never had a client quite so well prepared.”

And she said the legal concepts she encounteredjust seemed to “click”.

“I had started doing some business consultancy with a friend who is legally trained and she said ‘Why don’t you get yourself a law degree?’”

Three years ago Haley hirs the headlines when she told the tribunal there was a “culture of sexism” at HBOS.

Haley, who worked at the bank from 1990 to 2007, and rose through the ranks to be a team leader, also told of:

l Waking in a hotel room while on a business trip to Cheltenham to find a naked male colleague there.

l A workmate slapping her bottom.

l A colleague describing his manhood being the size of a baby’s arm.

l Hearing another colleague say he wanted to “rip her clothes off.”

l Pornographic films being watched on work laptops.

l Being asked which part of her body she shaved.

l Being “paid into” a lap -dancing bar.

l Suffering work-related stress.

But HBOS vigorously defended the action and claimed Mrs Tansey was after a pay-off for the £600,000 loss of earnings and pension benefits following her resignation.

Witnesses brought by the banking giant denied a sexist culture existed and said Haley was an “attention seeker.”

The firm alleged she was topless when she opened her hotel door to a colleague, allegedly telling him: “It’s only what you see on the beach every day.”

Haley ultimately lost her claim for unfair dismissal.

“The claimant terminated her contract of employment by way of resignation,” was the tribunal’s judgment.

Haley took her law course at University Campus Oldham, part of Huddersfield University.

Lecturer Jackie Lane has now nominated her for the Yorkshire and Humber Adult Learners’ Week Awards.

Haley will shortly move to the Skipton area with husband John and daughter Laura, 13.