Now council is in a flap over people feeding the geese

Geese wandering around Station Road, Sowerby Bridge.
Geese wandering around Station Road, Sowerby Bridge.

The public have been warned not to feed the geese in Sowerby Bridge.

The council has received complaints about geese and ducks near the Sowerby Bridge Fitness Centre and near Station Road.

Although the geese return to Sowerby Bridge to breed every year, now the they’re appealing to residents to stop feeding them.

As well as becoming aggressive during their breeding season they also produce dangerous droppings.

Councillor Pauline Nash, Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Communities said: “These geese come to the area in order to breed but while they’re here, they are becoming a nuisance. Goose faeces can contaminate soil and give people histoplasmosis.

“If that sounds bad, it is. It’s a lung disease. Droppings can carry salmonella, which causes diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and chills. If you have a child and they touch the droppings and then touch their mouth with it, they’re at risk of developing giardia, which can cause cramping, diarrhoea, fatigue and weight loss,” she said.

“We don’t want to come across as kill joys but the best thing we can do is encourage them to move on as quickly as possible.”

Sowerby Bridge councillor Andrew Feather noted the problem when he took his daughter swimming at the pool.

He said: “A car pulled up and a family got out and literally tipped two whole buckets of bread crumbs onto the river banking. You’ve never seen so many geese and ducks in your life come rushing in to eat.

“You can imagine, after all the money and effort spent on getting the new pool built, for families to wade through goose and duck faeces is not very nice or welcoming. Plus the health hazard of people bringing the muck into the swimming pool on their shoes.”

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