Nude lap dancing application rejected by councillors

La Salsa, Halifax.
La Salsa, Halifax.

An application to allow dancers to perform nude during lap dances has been turned-down.

La Salsa on Silver Street, Halifax, requested Calderdale Council’s Licensing Committee lift a condition on the club’s licence requiring its dancers to “wear a non-transparent g-string or similar piece of clothing on the appropriate part of the body” at all times.

Reza Shasavar, owner of La Salsa, told the board: “Lap dancing is about having fun.

“I would describe it as male bonding venue.

“Lap dancing is not for satisfaction of male desire.

“We would like to to have option for dancers to perform a proper dance.”

He told the board that he is applying for the amendment to the rules to avoid complaints and confrontations from men who feel the dance didn’t go far enough.

Mr Shasavar said: “A few months ago I was asked by my bank manager to organise his brother’s stag party.

“The stag had a lap dance and said ‘I’ve seen more in the swimming pool’.

“The group left and went to a lap danciing bar in Leeds.”

He said the business case was clear, and his club is unable to compete with lap dancing clubs in Leeds and Manchester which allow nude performers.

Objections were raised by Angela Eddison, director of the women’s centre on Silver Street, Halifax.

She said: “We’ve heard a lot about business and finance case.

“This isn’t about a business case, it’s about something different.

“We’re concerned about community safety in its broadest sense.”

The board was advised that moral factors could not be taken into account when making its decision.

Mr Shasavar said: “It is not going mean dancers are going to walk around naked - it will be only for the last 20-30 seconds of the private dance.”

The application was rejected by five votes to four.