Elland pub gets into the spirit of the digital

Anita Hugill at the haunted Fleece Inn, Elland.
Anita Hugill at the haunted Fleece Inn, Elland.
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A pub with a ghoulish history is getting into the spirit of things and joining an online site for haunted drinking-holes.

The Fleece Inn, Elland, pictured inset, is known for its mysterious occurrences over the years and know its intriguing past will go on an online ‘haunted drinking-holes of West Yorkshire’ website.

The haunted Fleece Inn, Elland

The haunted Fleece Inn, Elland

The long-standing pub dates back to the early 17th Century - where records recorded the Westgate building as a farmhouse called The Great House.

History has it that a fight took place between a traveller and local conman in the late 1800s - which saw one of the men bleed to death on the pub’s staircase. Despite numerous attempts of scrubbing the dead man’s blood away - nothing could remove the grisly stain for many years to come - some even say the dead man paid them a visit or two. In 1966 the staircase was removed and later added as a feature in a new part of the bar.

The grounds of The Fleece Inn are home to Old Leathery Coit - a headless apparition in a battered leather coat that reportedly taken up a seat on a carriage pulled by headless horses.

The Fleece Inn landlord Steven Pyatt says he and wife Anita, pictured, often hear spooky noises.

He said: “When I’m outside late at night with the dog I can see my wife inside and know nobody else is around but I can hear music playing and a ‘knock-knock’ sound. We often hear what sounds like people walking upstairs.”

The Fleece Inn has a medium and spiritualist night every Monday - go find out for yourself.