Help toads across Calderdale roads, says the council

May 2010''Toad pic for Todmorden News feature
May 2010''Toad pic for Todmorden News feature

THE council has published a new list of accident blackspots where the victims are amphibious.

Toad crossing points have been identified on six stretches of road, mainly in the upper Calder Valley.

It is a terrifying time for toads because when the weather gets warmer, they have to begin a perilous annual migration to their breeding ponds.

These are often across busy roads where they run the risk of being run over.

Calderdale Council is appealing for volunteers to help carry toads across the roads so they can hop safely into spring.

The sites where significant amounts of toads breed, and where they are at high risk from road traffic are: at Hebden Hey, near Heptonstall, Hebble End, in Hebden Bridge, Washer Lane, Sowerby Bridge, and at three sites in Todmorden, Woodhouse Road, Stansfield Hall Road and Lumbutts.

Toad warning signs were put up last year at Lumbutts and Hebble End.

Hugh Firman from the council’s countryside service, said: “We have been working with naturalists rescuing toads for years and in the last two weeks, volunteers have helped hundreds. We are eager for more people to join in, to help toads during their most hazardous season, have fun and meet new people.”

More details: or 01422 886371.