It’s cold and wet outside for Brenda!

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If you were sat in a cosy lounge on Christmas Day spare a thought for plucky Brenda Brearley.

The 74-year-old raised several eyebrows when she dressed in a tutu and splashed around in an inflatable pool on her front drive.

She also paraded up and down outside her home at Norton Close, Norton Tower, Halifax, before her fundraising splash,

With support from neighbours and the congregation at Warley St John’s she was thrilled to raise £248 for church funds.

Mrs Brearley - supported by husband and lifeguard Gordon - dreamt up “Brenda’s Cold Dip” as a quirky fundraiser.

“I do have a bigger pool I sit in in summer and do believe it’s good for my immune system,” she said.

“It’s a lot more unusual to do it on Christmas Day.

“I did not stop in very long. I just walked around the Close and then sat in the pool for around five minutes.

“There were some positive comments and people thought I was brave.

“A few watched and passers-by in cars waved.”

She thanked neighbours and friends for their sponsorship.

Rev Tony Street, Vicar of St John’s and St Hilda’s Gibraltar Road, Halifax, praised her

“It was an unusual event that was entirely Brenda’s own initiative,” he said.

“Everybody supported her and we are pleased with the result but what on earth possessed her to do it in the middle of winter I don’t know!”

The money will go into general church funds and Rev Street said the church was fortunate to be well supported by its congregation.