Jesus was born at the North Pole, and the Bee Gees are the three wise men, says survey

nativity scene inside this building
nativity scene inside this building

A quarter of people thought a chicken shortage in the 1960s as the reason to why Britain turned to the larger bird.

And some people think turkey is eaten because Mary and Joseph were turkey farmers or because Mary was half Turkish.

The poll, carried out among 3,000 adults by card retailer Clintons, concluded that we have no idea why we celebrate Christmas.

The top ten Yorkshire Christmas howlers are:

1 One in 10 think Christmas was invented so that families could be showered with presents.

2 One fifth of people think the first day of Christmas is December 1.

3 Seven per cent think we eat turkey because Turkey was the first country to celebrate Christmas.

4 One in 20 named the Bee Gees – Barry, Robin and Morris – as the three wise men.

5 10 per cent thought the three wise men brought silver and bronze as gifts for baby Jesus.

6 One in 33 thinks Jesus was born at the North Pole.

7 One in 10 believe the 12 days of Christmas represent the amount of time Mary was in labour with Jesus.

8 One in 10 employees thought Boxing Day was introduced so they could get festive hampers from work.

9 Twelve per cent think Mary and Joseph are turkey traders, which is why we eat it at Christmas

10 One in 10 thought Santa’s suit was originally brown, while a third thought it was red (It was green).